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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Install Windows 8 Step by Step.


Step 1:

Place Windows 8 DVD in your DVD drive and start your PC. Windows 8 will start to boot up.

Step 2:

The next screen allows you to setup your language and time.

Step 3:

The next screen allows you to install or repair Windows 8. Click on "install now".

Step 4:

Click next once you have entered the product key correctly.

Step 5:

Read the license terms and tick I accept license terms. Then click next to continue.

Step 6:

Choose the type of installation you want. Since you are doing a clean install you need to click on custom.

Step 7 :

If you want to partition an existing drive then click new. Choose the size of the partition and click apply.

Step 8: 

Choose where you would like to install Windows 8.

Step 9: 

Windows starts to copy files to your hard drive and begins the installation. This process might take a few minutes depending on your computer specification.

Step 10:

When all the necessary files are copied Windows 8 will automatically restart as shown.

Step 11:

Windows might restart automatically second time.

Step 12:

Choose your PC name and personalize the color.

Step 13: 

Here you can choose express settings or choose customize. I will choose customize to make further customization.

Step 14: 

Sign in to your PC. Here you can login to your PC using a Microsoft email account such as your hot mail account.

Step 15: 

Soon as the demonstration finishes windows moves into the final stages of the setup.

Step  16:

Finally the setup process is finished and you are presented with a completely.


How To Make Colored Command Prompt ?

Simply Follow Below Step.

STEP 1: Just Open Your Command Prompt.


STEP 2: On The Top of Toolbar Just Right Click And Go To Properties.

STEP 3: Just Click On Color Tab.Now Change Your Screen Text And Screen Background.

=======CONGRATS YOU HAVE DONE !========